Replacement Pieces

We understand it can be disappointing when your Romertopf has incurred some kind of damage and on occasion, we do have replacement pieces such as just a bottom or lid to the Romertopf Clay Bakers and Roasters.  Please contact us with the piece you are interested in replacing and we will get back with you on availabilty.  Lids and bases are specific to the model and the series and are not interchangeable even though the quart size may be the same. For example, a lid to the 3.1 Quart Classic Series 99111 will not fit the 3.1 Quart Modern Series 99115.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have an unglazed clay baker manufactured by RECO, then the replacement pieces WILL NOT fit those models.  Any bottoms or lids that we have available will only fit the glazed Original Romertopf Clay Bakers made in Germany.

HOW TO TELL WHAT MODEL YOU HAVE:  Look on the exterior bottom of the base:  Original Romertopf Clay Bakers that have a glazed interior bottom will have embossed information that says "Original RÖMERTOPF® Made in Germany" and the model number.  Unglazed RECO Romertopf Clay Bakers will have embossed information that says "RÖMERTOPF® by Reco  Licensed by Bay Keramik  Microwave Approved Mexico" and the model number. 

Occasionally customers mistake the gap between the lid and the base on their baker as being defective.   The two to four millimeter wide gap between the upper and lower part is not an error, but regulates the pressure in the closed pot and can pull off excess steam.