About Romertopf

About Romertopf Clay Bakers

Clay pot cooking is a centuries old method that produces outstanding results! This all-natural cooking method dates back to ancient times, with the ancient Romans producing enormous quantities of clay cooking pots. The brand name "ROMERTOPF" literally translates to "ROMAN POT".

Romertopf Clay Cookers originated in Germany and were first introduced to the international market in 1967 by Eduard Bay GmbH, a prominent company dealing in ceramics from Westerwald.  The Romertopf Clay Cooking Pot was by far, the newest kitchen discovery revealing the most healthy and natural way to cook by steaming food and allowing it to braise in it's own juices.

Each Romertopf Clay Baker is manufactured from the finest red clay by craftsmen to the highest standardsThe strictest supervision ensures that Romertopf's natural terra cotta contains no lead, cadmium, or other harmful substances. The Romertopf's success is the selection of several different, but specific porous clays found in a select region of Germany.  It is pure elemental clay with specific properties that is blended in a secret ratio contributing to the ROMERTOPF's success.  ROMERTOPF began glazing the bottom interior portion of the bakers a number of years ago to avoid the clay bakers from holding bacteria or odors and to provide easy cleaning.  The glaze is completely food-safe and formulated of only mineral components, mainly ground glass, called "frit" and other all-natural materials such as clay, silica and chalk.  The Romertopf lid remains unglazed and requires about 15 minutes of soaking in tap water before each use.  The water that is absorbed by the unglazed clay lid is slowly released during the cooking process.  These tiny water particles penetrate into the food, blending with the natural food juices enhancing tenderness, flavor and aroma. Romertopf Clay Bakers have passed extensive European Food Safey tests as well as all FDA requirements and California Prop-65.  So you can take comfort knowing that meals cooked in your Romertopf are pure and healthy.

ROMERTOPF perfected the art of clay pot cooking and the name ROMERTOPF symbolizes high quality and tradition.  Since 1967, over 20 million Romertopf Clay Bakers have been sold worldwide and the Romertopf name continues to be synonymous with the highest quality clay cooking pot that money can buy.  So join the wonderful world of clay pot cooking and choose The Original Clay Baker, the ROMERTOPF for guaranteed outstanding results!