-2% Romertopf 99310 Cutting Board and Trivet, Made in USA

This lovely cutting board, made exclusively for Romertopf, is crafted in the United States out of beautiful and rich Red Alder. Created to work with your Romertopf cookware, this cutting board provides the perfect surface for placing your hot baker after cooking is complete and is durable and trust worthy. When using your Romertopf clay pot it is import that you don't shock the clay with extreme temperature changes. When your Romertopf is done cooking just put the hot clay baker directly on this cutting board. It will not shock your Romertopf and protects your counter or table at the same time. The cutting board comes with juice grooves for convenience during your carving. To finish it off, there are indented handles on the sides to allow you to pick up the board and Romertopf and carry it to your table to serve from.

  • Juice Grooves
  • Side Handles
  • Reduce Shock to Your Romertopf by using as a Trivet for Hot Romertopf Cookware
  • Durable Cutting Board
  • Use to Place Your Romertopf Dish on Your Table
  • Approximate Dimensions: 16"L x 11"W x 3/4" Thick
  • Before every use, soak the clay baker lid for 15 minutes in water.  If you are short on time, holding the lid under running cold water for about 30 seconds is sufficient for the pores to hold water. 
  • Place ingredients inside base of clay baker
  • Always place your baker in a cold oven.
  • Set the oven temperature after the clay baker has been placed in cold oven to allow the baker to heat up gradually. Most recipes can be prepared at an oven temperature of around 375-500 degrees Fahrenheit.  Generally, lower temperatures (between 375-425 degrees Fahrenheit) are ideal for meals requiring a long cooking time, while higher temperatures (425 and up) are for meals that require a short cooking time.
  • Go relax while your clay baker prepares your meal to perfection! (optional, but highly recommended!)



Do not subject your clay baker to extreme temperature changes such as putting in cold water or on a cold surface (such as marble) straight from the oven. Place the clay baker on a hot pad or wooden cutting board to avoid drastic temperature changes. 

Romertopf Clay Bakers are designed for traditional and convection oven use and are microwave safe as well, however they are not for use on an open flame, stovetop, grill, wood stoves or wood-fired ovens.  

Romertopf 99310 Cutting Board and Trivet, Made in USA

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