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Claypot Cookbooks

Claypot Cookbooks

From Simple to Spectacular!

Take simple ingredients and transform them into a gourmét meal!

We highly recommend purchasing a Claypot Cookbook for anyone wanting to get the most out of their Romertopf Clay Baker.  With hundreds of delicious recipes complete with photographs of finished dishes, you'll be preparing gourmét meals in no time at all.

These cookbooks also include are care and use instructions for getting years of use from your Romertopf as well as how to use your clay baker in the microwave.
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Cook in Clay the Microwave Way

Preparing delicious meals in your Romertopf clay baker using your microwave provides the superb Rome..


Romertopf 99302 Classic Cookbook

  Clay cooking is not a new way of cooking but could be new to you. This cook book features ..

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Römertopf Clay Bakers and Roasters originated in Germany in 1967 and continue to be a favorite among novice and seasoned cooks who treasure the Romertopf for its superior cooking results.   Romertopf of Germany began glazing the bottom interior to avoid the clay bakers from holding bacteria or odors and to provide easier clean-up of the clay bakers.  The lid remains unglazed and needs to be soaked prior to each use, which ensures a moist, tender, flavorful result. 

Food cooked in the Romertopf requires no liquid unless specifically called for.  The result: all natural juices, the full flavor and taste and all the essential nutrients and vitamins are retained.  The taste is truly superb.  You can cook all kinds of food without adding any fat, which is perfect for dieters or those with health concerns.

Free of any harmful chemicals, dyes or fillers, each Romertopf Clay Pot goes through considerable testing to ensure each are a functional work of art and must pass extensive European quality and food safety testing, so you can take comfort knowing that food cooked in the Romertopf is not only good, but good for you as well!