ROMERTOPF Clay Garlic Roaster

ROMERTOPF Clay Garlic Roaster

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Ahhh, the smell of roasted garlic, not to mention the flavor!  This beautiful Romertopf Large Garlic Baker is big enough to roast multiple heads of garlic (about 3-4) at once. Then add its wonderful flavor to your favorite dishes— potatoes, meats, breads and more. Use it in both conventional and microwave ovens. Hole in the lid allow steam to escape while your garlic roasts to perfection! Glazed interior makes clean-up a snap! Garlic "figurine" handle. Measures 4.5 inch's in diameter and has a glazed interior base for easy cleaning. This item is being discontinued and will no longer will be available once stock is gone.  Get your Romertopf Garlic Roaster before they're gone for good!

Brand:Römertopf Germany
Model: #100
Capacity: 3-4 garlic heads

Dimensions | 4.5" Diameter
Origin: Made in Germany by Römertopf Bay Keramik GmbH.   
Material: Clay extracted from Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany. Free of dies or fillers. Lead and Cadmium Free

Bottom Section | Glazed with glass frit material, not a non-stick coating
Use: All Oven and Microwave Types Do not use on stovetop or open flame

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