Clay Bread Baker #250, Rectangular

Clay Bread Baker #250, Rectangular

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This traditional Romertopf Clay Bread Baker gives your bread an incredible taste! Use any recipe you like and get fantastic results. This size baker is perfect for standard bread recipes.  Great for meatloaf too! So much better (and better for you) than traditional metal, glass, or silicone loaf pans.  Glazed interior provides easy cleaning and keeps bread from sticking to the baker. Side handles for easy handling. Romertopf Clay Bread Bakers are universal and do not need to be soaked prior to use, however, you can choose to soak them if you wish as the moisture released from the exterior of the baker will give your bread a crisp crust, without the need to mist the bread or oven walls during baking.  

  • Brand: RÖMERTOPF®
  • Model: #250
  • Capacity: 1.5 lb. loaf
  • Dimensions | 12.4”L x 6.3”W x 3.5”H
  • Origin: Made in Germany by Römertopf Bay Keramik GmbH.   
  • Material: Pure Elemental Clay extracted from Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany. Free of dies or fillers. Lead and Cadmium Free
  • Bottom Section | Glazed with glass frit material, not a non-stick coating
  • Base Only-Romertopf Clay Bread Bakers are not made with lids
  • Use: All Oven and Microwave Types Do not use on stovetop or open flame
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