Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Reference: Tandoori Chicken
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1 tsp. canola oil

1 TBL curry powder

1 TBL paprika, divided

1 tsp. salt, divided

¾ cup plain low­fat yogurt

2 TBL. Fresh lemon juice

1 TBL chopped peeled fresh ginger

1 medium onion, quartered

1 large garlic clove, peeled

8 chicken thighs (about 2 ¼ lbs.) skinned

3 peeled baking potatoes, cut into 1/4 “ thick slices

1 cup sliced peeled Granny Smith apple

2 TBL chopped fresh cilantro

2 TBL. Sliced almonds, toasted

2 TBL golden raisins  


Heat oil in a nonstick skillet over medium heat, add curry powder, cook 1 minute.  Place curry mixture, 1 ½ tsp. paprika, ½ tsp salt, yogurt, lemon juice, ginger, onion, and garlic in food processor and process until smooth.  Place chicken in large zip­top bag and add curry mixture.  Seal and marinate in refrigerator for 24 hours.

Remove chicken from bag, reserving marinade.  Place marinade in a large bowl, add ½ tsp. salt, potatoes and apple and mix well.  Arrange potato mixture in a single layer in the Romertopf, top with chicken thighs and sprinkle with remaining 1 ½ tsp. paprika.  Place lid on pot, set in baker in oven and set oven temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  Bake 1 hour.  Serve with cilantro, almonds and raisins. 

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