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The Romertopf Clay Baker is a very versatile and forgiving cookware piece.  Years ago the slogan read "The Clay Pot that Cooks All" and this is still true today.  You can cook most any recipe you desire in the Romertopf from flavorful main dishes to delectable desserts and just about anything in between!

Except for baking, most recipes can usually be converted for Romertopf clay pots by increasing the cooking temperature about 100˚ Fahrenheit and deducting 1/2‐1 hour of cooking time.  A general temperature guideline for cooking in the Romertopf is a lower temperature (350
˚- 400˚F) for dishes requiring longer cooking times (over an hour).  Set the oven temperature higher (425˚- 475˚) for dishes requiring shorter cook times.  When baking breads, cakes, and desserts, set the oven temperature as recommended in the recipe. 

Time cooking according to your own preference and oven. Tastes and ovens vary, so time your dishes according to the way you want them and don't hesitate to vary the recipe slightly.  It is very hard to overcook anything in the Romertopf, unless you excessively overstay the cooking time.

Want more delicious claypot recipes?   We offer Romertopf
clay pot cookbooks that provide delicious clay pot recipes for the oven and microwave along with care and use instructions.

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