When will my order be processed?

Orders are processed within 24 hours of confirmed payment.  When your order has been processed, you will receive an order status update of “processed-pending shipment”.  This means your order has been put into the warehouse for fulfillment.  At this time, the order cannot be canceled. If you made a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. 

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders placed in our store are shipped within 1 business day Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. Once your order leaves the warehouse, you can expect delivery within 1-5 days depending on your delivery address. We offer a variety of shipping options from standard ground to expedited overnight delivery.  Available shipping services with estimated delivery dates are shown during checkout and you can visit our “Order Processing and Shipping page for carrier transit times for standard ground service within the continental U.S.

Do you accept international orders?

At this time, we only accept U.S. currency and ship within the continental United States.

Can the Romertopf be used on grills, stovetops, or wood stoves?

The Romertopf Clay Baker is safe for use with gas, electric and convection ovens as well as microwave ovens, however it is NOT flame-safe, therefore it should not be used with direct flame, such as on stovetops, grills, or wood stoves or inside wood-fired ovens as these types of heat sources could provide uneven heating resulting in damage to your Romertopf. The steaming principles of the Romertopf are provided by the moist lid heating up gradually during the cooking process which only occurs inside of an oven and provides the renowned Romertopf results!

I saw instructions from another online store that said to soak both the top and the bottom, but your site says soak the top, which is correct?

The Internet is full of online stores and affiliate marketers that don't sell the Romertopf products directly, but rather send you to another site for purchase and unfortunately they are not providing correct information about the Romertopf.  If you have an Original Romertopf Clay Baker with a glazed bottom then soaking only the lid before each use is necessary.  If you have an Unglazed Reco Romertopf, then you will need to soak both the top and the bottom before each use.  Don't be fooled by competitors! We offer the Original Romertopf Clay Baker made in Germany and you will find accurate care and use information on our site.

Does the Romertopf have a warranty?

There is a 1 year limited warranty on all Romertopf products purchased in our store.  This warranty is limited to manufacturing defects, error or damage in shipping reported within 30 days from purchase. Improper use or abuses will nullify the warranty.  Unfortunately, we cannot honor a warranty for purchases made outside of our store.  If you purchased a Romertopf from another store and have a problem, you will need to contact that store for their warranty, refund or replacement policies. 

I bought my Romertopf from another online store, but it did not come in original packaging or with any instructions. Why is this and is it an Original Romertopf?

Unfortunately, we've received a number of inquiries like this and honestly we don’t know. We have no way of knowing how other stores handle their Romertopf inventory and if the pot or parts you received are a true Original Romertopf.  It seems, from some inquiries we’ve received, that the Romertopf lids and bottoms are be being separated for sales purposes and therefore original packaging and materials are missing.  If your purchase is an Original Romertopf Made in Germany, then it will have embossed information on the bottom of the pot that says “Original Romertopf Made in Germany” along with the model number. A small pamphlet with instructions should be included.  As with any online purchase, we recommend buying your Romertopf from a reputable store (like us!) so you are guaranteed your purchase is the Original Romertopf Clay Baker Made in Germany complete with original packaging and materials.

I would like to buy an Unglazed Romertopf, but all I see are glazed?

There are many reasons why the unglazed clay bakers (made by RECO) are no longer on the market. The Romertopf Clay Bakers available in our webstore are imported directly from the manufacturer in Germany and have a glazed interior bottom to avoid the clay baker from holding bacteria and odors. The German Romertopf has been glazed for a number of years now and provides easy cleaning as well as healthy cooking.  The glaze in no way effects the performance of the Romertopf as the moisture released during cooking has always come from the lid. In the Unglazed RECO clay bakers, when the bottom section is filled with ingredients, steaming is no longer possible and any moisture released from the bottom of the baker is going out from the exterior of the baker, not into the food.  The Romertopf clay lid remains unglazed and needs to be soaked for about 15 minutes before each use which provides all the necessary moisture during cooking to provide the renown superb Romertopf results! 

How do I use the glazed Romertopf?

Since the bottom section of the Original Romertopf is glazed, only the unglazed lid needs to be soaked in water for about 15 minutes prior to each use.  While the lid is soaking, fill the base with your ingredients.  Wipe out the lid (or not, the extra water doesn't hurt) and put the lid on the baker.  Always place the clay baker in a cold oven, and then set the oven to the desired temperature to allow the clay baker to gradually heat up.  Once cooking is complete, place the clay baker on a wooden board or dish cloth to avoid damage from temperature changes.  Let the baker cool down completely before cleaning.

Where is the clay from?

Römertopf clay roasters are manufactured in Germany (Excludes Reco International version of Römertopf which were manufactured in Mexico). To have superior steaming effect and quality you first have to start with an excellent clay resource. All Römertopf products are made from all natural clay which is farmed from a very famous region in Germany for its superior clay. Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany has one of the best clay quarries in the world which can be found in the Westerwald. Lower Westerwald region borders on the Rhine and Lahn river valley landscapes and manifests itself as the western and southwestern part of the Westerwald, which is a heavily eroded mountain range with elevations ranging from 200 to 400 m. The subsidence areas found within (Dierdorfer Senke, Montabaurer Senke) are known for their clay deposits. Indeed, the name for this small region is the Kannenbackerland, or "Jug Bakers' Land", a reference to the traditional ceramic industry there.

Does the clay contain harmful lead?

No, Römertopf is free of harmful lead and cadmium. Not only has Römertopf passed all FDA testing and requirements along with California Prop-65, but more importantly Römertopf has passed testing by United Kingdom standards. Römertopf has been food tested in accordance with DIN EN 1388-1 (test which determines the possibility of leach-able lead and cadmium into food) and passed with flying colors! Römertopf continues to have a long history of high quality and safe products which you can feel good about using on a daily basis for you and your family.

Rest assured, there are NO harmful chemicals or additives in the Romertopf..NO lead, NO cadmium, NO color dyes, NO plasticizers, NO Petalite

What is the glaze made of?

Each Original Romertopf made in Germany has a glaze in the bottom portion to resist the baker from holding bacteria and odors and to provide easy cleaning.  The glaze is made of a glas frit lining and contains no resins at all. The coating is a ceramic glaze, which is formulated of only mineral components, mainly ground glass (ceramic frit) and other natural mineral components of clay, silica, and chalk.  It contains NO heavy metals.  If is fired together with the baker body at temperatures of about 1000°C fusing the glaze to the clay. It is not a non-stick coating, which can contain harmful chemicals. The Romertopf Clay Baker is tested by an independent institute to meet EU requirements (European testing) for contact and use with food. It also passes all FDA and California Prop-65 requirements, so you can take comfort knowing the Romertopf is 100% safe to cook in.

There is a gap between the lid and the base of my baker. Is it defective?

No, your baker is not defective.  Each Romertopf top and bottom are made at the same time to ensure a proper fit and have a 2-4mm wide gap between the lower and upper part. This is not an error, but regulates the pressure in the closed pot and can pull off excess steam.

My clay baker has a crack in it, can I repair it?

Unfortunately no, you cannot repair a clay baker once it has cracked as currently there is no glue or material that would be safe for use with food.  We understand it can be disappointing when your baker has incurred some kind of damage, however it is in your best interest to purchase a new clay baker.  You may want to check our Replacements page for the current availability of a replacement lid or bottom.

I see lines in the glaze, is this okay?

Yes, occasionally hairlines occur in the glaze as a result of the heating and cooling process of the glas frit lining.  This does not affect the Romertopf’s performance and the pot can be used as normal.  If you see large cracks that go all the way through the pot, then it is recommended to stop using the clay pot and get a replacement bottom if available or an entire new pot.

My clay lid does not seem to be absorbing water like it did. What can I do?

After about 100 uses, the clay lid is likely be very seasoned which will affect how the clay pores absorb water.  This is a natural occurrence and you can re-open the pores by doing a deep cleaning.  Simply visit our “Cleaning and Storing” page for complete instructions.

Can I use the Romertopf in a convection oven?

Yes, the Romertopf Clay Baker is ideally suited for gas, electric, convection and microwave ovens.  When using the convection setting of your oven, simply reduce the oven temperature to 40° less than what the recipe states.

My clay baker says “Romertopf distributed by RECO” on the bottom and is unglazed, what is the difference?

There a many differences between the Unglazed RECO clay bakers and the German-made Original Romertopf, some differences are subtle and some are distinct.  RECO Romertopf clay bakers were made in Mexico and sold throughout the United States and Canada up until 2013 when RECO lost the rights to continue manufacturing the clay bakers under the ROMERTOPF brand name and ultimately RECO went out of business.  While a RECO model may look similar in design to an Original German-made Romertopf, unfortunately the RECO bakers are not the same high quality as the Original German-made Romertopf.  We get inquiries almost daily from customers whose RECO clay bakers have developed cracks even with proper care and use.  Since RECO clay bakers are completely unglazed inside and out,  the top and bottom must be soaked prior to each use.  The unglazed clay is especially subject to harboring bacteria and odors, therefore it is necessary to make sure the baker is cleaned thoroughly by soaking overnight in a baking soda or vinegar solution.  The Romertopf Clay Bakers we offer are the Original Romertopf Made in Germany which are very high quality bakers made from specific porous clays found only in the Ransbach-Baumbach region of Germany.  The quality of the clay between the Original Romertopf and the RECO Romertopf indeed makes a difference! You may be interested in reading our blog post, Glazed vs. Unglazed Clay Bakers for our detailed comparison between these two types of Romertopf Clay Bakers.

What can I cook in the Romertopf?

Just about anything and everything!  The Romertopf is a unique cookware piece (actually we prefer the term "functional work of art) and it consistently provides exceptional results.  You can use it to roast chicken one night and to bake bread the next.  We only recommend that if you are using your Romertopf clay baker for the first time, to avoid cooking fish or recipes with strong seasonings (such as curries or chilis). Fish odors and strong seasonings could permeate the clay lid and effect the flavor of subsequent meals.  Once you have used your Romertopf Clay Baker a few times, the lid will start to “season” but not enough to transfer flavor or smells from meal to the next.  Once the lid has started to season, usually after about 3-4 uses, you can cook any recipe you like… fish, seafood, curries, whatever your heart desires!

What's the oven temperature to cook Romertopf meals?

The ideal temperature range for cooking in the Romertopf is between 375°F and 450°F.  A general guideline is meals that require longer cooking are set to a lower temperature (350°F - 400°F) while meals requiring a shorter cooking time are set to higher temperatures (425°F-475°F). Remember to set the oven temperature AFTER the Romertopf has been placed in the cold oven to allow the baker to gradually heat up.  The Romertopf is a very forgiving cookware piece, so time dishes the way YOU want them and don't hesitate to vary recipes or temperatures to suit your tastes and needs.

Can I use the Romertopf for baking?

ABSOLUTELY! The Romertopf is fantastic for baking all types of recipes including bread puddings, rolls, fruit crisps, desserts, cakes, quick breads and especially yeast breads. When baking in the Romertopf, we recommend setting the oven temperature to what the recipe states (do not increase the temperature as when roasting in the Romertopf).  

My clay baker has mold in it, what should i do?

You can try deep cleaning the clay baker ( see our cleaning & storing instructions), however we cannot guarantee the mold will be completely removed from within the deep pores of the clay.  The only inquiries we've had about mold in the bakers have been with the RECO unglazed clay bakers. Because the Romertopf is specifically designed to hold moisture for steaming, it is absolutely necessary to let the clay baker dry fully before storing.  Ideally the Romertopf should be stored in an open-air environment.  Enclosed spaces, such as closets or cupboards can be damp and create mold within the unglazed clay.