Romertopf #129 Clay Baker, Rustico Series, Large, 4.2 Qt. -32%
Large Romertopf Rustico for Families of 4 or More• 4.2 Quarts /Up to 11 lbs. &bu..
$89.99 $61.45
Romertopf #117 Clay Turkey Roaster, Classic Series, X-large, 7.3 Qt. -28%
Perfect for Holiday Entertaining or Large Gatherings • 7.3 Quart /Up to 18 lbs. ..
$124.99 $89.65
Romertopf #140 Clay Baker, Anniversary Edition, Medium, 3.5 Qt -35%
Special Anniversary Edition Clay Baker  • 3.5 Quart /7.7 lbs. • Serves 4-6 ..
$79.99 $51.85
Romertopf #199 Clay Baker, Trend Series, Large, 4.1 Qt. -32%
NEW TREND SERIES  • 4.1 Quart /up to 11 lbs. • Serves 6-8 • Glaze..
$84.99 $57.85
Romertopf  #113 Clay Baker, Classic Series, Large, 4.2 Qt. -34%
Best Seller for Serving 4 or More• 4.2 Quarts /Up to 14 lbs. • Serves ..
$84.99 $56.35
Romertopf #111 Clay Baker, Classic Series, Medium, 3.1 Qt. -32%
Best Seller!  • 3.1 Quart /5.5 lbs. • Serves 2-4 • Glazed Bottom,..
$69.99 $47.45
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Herb Crusted Pork Loin Romertopf Recipes
Ingredients:     1 (4 lb.) boneless pork loin (with fat) 1 TBL. salt 2 TBL. olive..
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Ingredients:     1 3-4 lb. English , Rump or Chuck Roast 2 medium carrots, cut into ..
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RÖMERTOPF® Clay Bakers

All-Natural, Healthy, Low-Fat Cooking

RÖMERTOPF Clay Cookware has been famous for decades for its all-natural, healthy, and superb cooking results. The unique steaming method utilized by the RÖMERTOPF helps you avoid the use of oils and fats in your recipes. Food cooks in its own juices while vitamins and minerals are retained which is essential for healthy cooking. RÖMERTOPF Clay Bakers are extremely easy to use, guaranteeing outstanding results while saving you precious time.

Choose from 19 models in timeless designs and sizes ranging from 1.5 Qt up to 7.3 Qt!

Find Your RÖMERTOPF  >



Clay Bread Bakers

Brick Oven Results from YOUR Oven!


The RÖMERTOPF cooks just about everything with surprising results and it's especially wonderful for bread baking. 

RÖMERTOPF Clay Bread Bakers provide even heat distribution making it possible to achieve crustiness and flavor.  One of the key elements to good bread is achieving the hard crusty top. That is achieved through steam and steaming is RÖMERTOPF's specialty!

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Why Choose



RÖMERTOPF®  perfected the art of clay pot cooking and 2017 marks the 50th anniversary since the RÖMERTOPF's début  in 1967.  For 50 years, RÖMERTOPF clay cooking pots have been treasured the world over by home cooks and seasoned chefs alike for its outstanding cooking results.

 RÖMERTOPF clay bakers are crafted from pure elemental clay found in a specific region of Germany.  The clay's unique properties along with secret blending ratios ensure that each clay baker is crafted to the highest standards to last a lifetime.  

Free from lead, cadmium or other harmful chemicals, the RÖMERTOPF has passed extensive European Food Safety Standards as well as all FDA requirements and California Prop-65. So you can take comfort knowing that food cooked in your Romertopf is pure and healthy!

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The NEW Romertopf Goes BBQ - Safe to Use on Grills


Safe to Use on Grills and Barbeques!


We're "fired up" about the brand new RÖMERTOPF product line... RÖMERTOPF® Goes BBQ and will be offering USA customers these distinctive Flame-Safe RÖMERTOPF Cookers soon!


We're expecting to have the RÖMERTOPF Goes BBQ Product Line available around May 1st, just in time for grilling season!  Durable and flame-safe, you'll now be able to get superb RÖMERTOPF results on your backyard grill.


So mark you calendars and get that grill out for the summer season!  RÖMERTOPF for BBQ is sure to be a best seller with products going fast.  We'll keep you posted on availabilty and recommend you sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when they're availabe here in the USA.


Romertopf Clay Baker- 50 Year Anniversary Edition


RÖMERTOPF...still cooking at 50!


Around May 2017, we'll be offering the NEW 50th Anniversary RÖMERTOPF Clay Baker for USA customers.


This new clay baker commemorates ROMERTOPF's 50 years since it was first introduced to the international market in 1967 and will be available in 4.7 Quart size.  It will be replacing the 40th Anniversary 4.7 Quart Clay Baker which will be discontinued once stock is gone.  (The 3.5 Quart 40th Anniversary will stay in the product line).  So get your 40th Anniversary 4.7 Quart clay baker today as it will soon be gone for good.  


Be sure to bookmark our site and check back often as the new ROMERTOPF products will be here soon!